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The mission of the foundation is to perpetually preserve, care for and maintain Old Mount Hermon Cemetery.


The Foundation is not affiliated with Mount Hermon Baptist Church.

Friends of Old Mount Hermon Cemetery was established as a nonprofit organization in 1999 and recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt foundation the same year. At the time the foundation was organized it was required to have a constitution and by-laws and those are the controlling documents of the foundation. The constitution as amended provides for 6 trustees and a secretary/treasurer or a secretary and a treasurer, and it also requires the board of trustees to meet once annually, in June. Special called meetings may be held at any time. The officers of the foundation volunteer their services and receive no pay. The offices of secretary and treasurer are currently combined.

The foundation has no employees and owns no property other than the cemetery ground. Our principal expenses are for care and maintenance of the cemetery. Maintenance requirements are contracted to persons or firms available for such work. We do not have an office for conducting business. We feel an office would be an unnecessary expense, since our secretary is able to contact contractors and otherwise conduct business from home. The board of trustees has adopted long-range plans that outline the improvements considered necessary for the care and maintenance of the cemetery and an endowment fund is considered an essential element of support of these plans. The establishment of an endowment fund is a high priority of the board.

As a public charity we are accessible to the public by postal mail or by internet email. If you would like to visit  the cemetery, directions may be found at a link on the Newsletter - Updates page.

Our postal address is:


P.O. Box 831

Shelbyville, Tennessee 37162

Our email address is:


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