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[persons buried in Old Mount Hermon Cemetery]


From research of church records, from information gained from private diaries, in discussions with individuals associated with the church and with relatives of some of the persons buried in the cemetery, a conclusion was reached that more than 80 persons are known to have been buried in this cemetery. It is almost a certainty there were other burials for which there are no known records. Many of the known burials no longer have markers.

Among the many things we need to do is get a ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey of the cemetery to determine where all the graves are located and get a more accurate count.

We need financial support from the public to perform tasks such as a GPR survey and to continue to maintain the cemetery. There are few descendents of the pioneers who are buried here and those pioneers' burial places should be preserved. The Foundation is endeavoring to establish an endowment fund in addition to our annual operating fund. An endowment fund would eventually provide revenue to support the goals of the Foundation. We ask for your financial support.

Donations to this Foundation Are Tax Deductible


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[persons buried in Old Mount Hermon Cemetery]