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[persons buried in Old Mount Hermon Cemetery]


      The land where Old Mount Hermon Cemetery is now located was originally purchased in 1830

to be a site for a meeting house for the Mount Hermon Community. The meeting house later

became the Mount Hermon Baptist Church, and the land surrounding the church was used as a

burial ground for the community. Around the year 1875 a new church was built on land nearby

and the original building, by then in a cemetery, was taken down.


     In 1891 a group of interested citizens came together and purchased land for another cemetery

in an area across the road and Southeast of Old Mount Hermon Cemetery. The new cemetery was

named Mount Hermon Cemetery, New Section. Thus, the first cemetery is named Old Mount

 Hermon Cemetery. The Old Mount Hermon Cemetery has had burials in it as late as 1975.


     It is known  that at least 84 persons have been buried in Old Mount Hermon Cemetery since

the early 1800s. The names of everyone buried there are no longer known, many of the gravestones

are gone, and the exact location of all the graves is not known.


     The Mount Hermon Baptist Church deeded the land comprising Old Mount Hermon Cemetery

to Friends of Old Mont Hermon Cemetery in 2001, and its care is the responsibility of this Foundation.

Because the Cemetery had received minimum care during the years preceding 2001 and its condition

and appearance had deteriorated greatly, it will take considerable time and expense to make the

improvements needed.


tombstone circa 1857


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[persons buried in Old Mount Hermon Cemetery]